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3 Types of Input for Online People Search

You can find anyone on the web with the various tools for people search including social networks, search engines and specialized search engines and website. But do you know where to start from? Take a look at the most useful types of input information which you can use the yield the best results quickly.

Individual Information

The more detailed the input is, the better the people search results will be. You should try using specific details which can point you in the right direction such as the middle name of the person. In the past, it was hard to find people by their cell phone number, but this has become easier due to the fact that many of us have their professional profiles online, usually on LinkedIn and other networking sites.

You can also hit gold with education, occupation and employment information. There are specialized websites and public social network groups for classmates’ reunions which could be of help to you. Similarly, if you know where the person has worked, you can find the company’s phone number online, call their office and ask for him or her. 

Email Addresses and Usernames

These details work incredibly well for online people search because people tend to use the same or similar abbreviations and nicknames when creating their email addresses and usernames. Here is an example. Let’s say you were playing an online game with a bunch of guys and you want to find one of them, but you know only his username in the game. Use it to perform a search and see what comes up. You may find a relevant email address or website subscription which could help you find that person.

Photos Posted Online

There are websites enabling you to perform a reverse image search. You upload the image and the tool shows you where it is posted on the web. You can readily take advantage of this opportunity for people search by uploading a photo which you know the person, who you are looking for, has used in the past. The search could lead you to his or her profile on any social network, on a professional website and/or even on a dating website. In turn, this will enable you to get important details such as relevant location or email address. You may also have the opportunity to contact the person directly online.

One of the main rules of people search is to use as much input information as possible. Follow it and ensure that you enter only accurate details.